Sunday, 13 November 2016

A collection of my favourite images from 2016

You may have noticed that 2016 has been very quiet with regards postings on my blog. I've been outdoors more than ever this year but conditions and the fact I've been on quite a few trips with a friend means that I've struggled with images and/or writing of the blog. I therefore decided to post some of the best images from this years camps in and around the Lake District, Wales and the Peak District. Winter is fast approaching and I'll have a bit of time off during the festive period so my pack is ready to go and my fingers are firmly crossed ;-)

A frosty camp in the White Peak.
Chrome Hill on an unforgettable morning.
Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill from a nearby Peak.
A cheeky camp about 5 minutes walk from our cars!

Lovely autumnal light on Grindslow Knoll.

A friend doing his thing on Bleaklow.
A frosty start near Carnedd Gwenllian.
A stunning sunrise from camp.

Bitter conditions near the summit of Carnedd Llewelyn.

A camp on Cadair Idris.

Pen yr Ole Wen from the Devil's Kitchen.

Two tents from different eras, Vango Tornado 200 and Terra Nova's Southern Cross.
Surprise conditions from the summit of Y Garn.
A pleasant camp on Yoke.
Small Water and Haweswater Reservoir.
Causey Pike in hazy conditions.

A peaceful camp on Grasmoor.
Crepuscular Rays seen from Grasmoor.
Robinson seen from Ard Crags.
The Scafells looking fantastic.
Very faint Aurora above the Scafells (I didn't realised I'd captured it till I got home).
Shortly after sunrise from Harter Fell (Eskdale).
A Gorgeous sunset from Harter Fell (Eskdale).
A stunning place to camp, we didn't want to leave!
Evening light on Skiddaw from camp.

After a day of clag it cleared for a few minutes, I've never moved so fast!!
My first camp (on Fairfield) in my Terra Nova Solar Photon 1.
Looking towards Heron Pike from Great Rigg.

Lovely morning colours seen from Fairfield.
Walkers heading back to civilisation over Heron Pike.